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cbs reporter danielle nottingham live in washington, d.c. now with the latest on the voting and maneuvering in congress. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, frank and house speaker john boehner did not say that he was for this deal but he didn't say he was against it, either. and right now, he is trying to take the temperature of his fellow republicans in the house to see if this deal is ready for a vote. house speaker john boehner is promising a quick vote on the "fiscal cliff" bill passed early this morning in the senate or an amended alternative. boehner has not endorsed the agreement which may face opposition from conservative lawmakers in the house. vice president joe biden negotiated the deal with senate republicans over the weekend. the agreement makes bush-era tax cuts permanent for individuals making under $400,000 a year and families making under $450,000. it also postpones harsh across- the-board spending cuts for a
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few months. >> this shouldn't be the model for how we do things around here, but i think we can say we've done some good for the country. >> middle class families will wake up today to the assurance that their taxes won't go up $2,200 each. >> reporter: president obama praised the senate agreement and urged the house to act without delay. capitol hill is quiet right now after an unprecedented late night. normally these halls would stay empty on new year's day but both the house and senate are in session with billions of dollars in spending cuts and tax increases on the rise. lawmakers missed the january 1st deadline but the bill will be retroactive. many taxpayers across the nation are frustrated that lawmakers waited so long to act. >> the whole system is flawed. it's terrible that it takes this long to get something done. >> it's been frustrating. >> reporter: if the measure becomes law, it will be the
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first significant bipartisan tax increase since 1990. the deal also would extend unemployment benefits and it would also prevent a spike in milk prices. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham. frank, back to you. >> danielle, what if the house approves this today? what's the process and when will we, if we do feel an effect, the public that is, anyway? >> reporter: well, if the house does approve this, the public wouldn't feel the effect of the tax increases but what this deal does not address in the long term are the those automatic spending cuts. they have only been delayed for a couple of months. also what we have coming up is the debt limit showdown also. so this is really a temporary deal and in just a couple of months we could see another "fiscal cliff" and that's the concern with a lot of the lawmakers here on capitol hill today, frank. >> still some work to do.
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okay, danielle knottingham in washington, thank you. a high-speed chase killed two and another is clinging to life in the hospital. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene. can you tell us what started the chase? >> reporter: well, grace, it all actually began with reports of shots fired. this is a tragic ending especially that we're kicking off the new year. two people are dead another fighting for his life after this crash happened here at the corner of south van ness and 21st street. neighbors woke up to 2013 with a boom. but not what they were expecting. >> i was sleeping and it was just a loud crash. i just got up because i was curious about what it was. but it was really loud. so then i just heard police and sirens everywhere. >> reporter: the whole incident started after sfpd got reports of shots fired at valencia gardens just after 7:45, not too far from this location. after officers got on scene, they found this black chevy malibu. >> this vehicle was reported to
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have had a firearm in it. obviously, it's a shots fired call. as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections. >> reporter: police say the chase took a tragic turn. the suspect car t-boned this white car killing the passenger a woman in her 20s and a pedestrian a man in his 20s, just going to the market. as for the suspect, he was taken to the hospital but will survive. police aren't saying much about the incident that led to this. >> the gang temperatures is involved but i can't give -- the gang task force is involved in this but i can't give you more details except that he is responsible for the deaths of at least two people. >> reporter: officers were able to recover a handgun from this black car. as for the driver of the white car that was it. boned, we do know that he is a man in his mid-20s and is now being treated at the hospital for life-threatening injuries. reporting live from san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs
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5. we have a bizarre situation out of san jose. a little more than an hour ago, police wrapped up a nearly three-hour standoff with a naked man wielding a samurai sword. this was in the area of southwest expressway and bascomb road. police also found an assault rifle in the man's car. officers were eventually able to take him into custody. and two people are dead and a man is under arrest after a new year's eve shooting in old sacramento. police say an argument turned into a fight inside a bar at 2nd and "k" streets last night. an employee at the bar went in to break it up and that's when the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and started firing. the employee and another man were hit multiple times and died. a woman and security guard were also wounded. >> some gunshots and unclear at first if they were real or not. we kind of stood in the street and when we saw people running out of the building, i dodged under some stairs. and when the second round of shots started, i saw the gunman come out of the building with
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his gun still pointed into the building. >> that shooting happened as thousands of people were gathering in the area for a new year's celebration. the midnight fireworks show was canceled after the shooting. it was a violent way to end the new year at a couple of tourist spots here in san francisco. police tell us that a person was shot in the hand at fisherman's wharf near jefferson and mason. police searched the area for a suspect, who was seen running on beech street towards alioto's restaurant. and then at 11:30 there was another shooting on the embarcadero near pier 23. a 12-year-old boy and a man were hit by gunfire. they weren't seriously hurt. san francisco police do want to hear from anyone, though, who might have had information about that shooting. a major dismantling of some marijuana operations in remote areas of santa clara county. sheriff's deputies actually dangled on 100-foot ropes suspended from a helicopter and dropped into eight separate locations with help from the
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state fish & game wardens, clearing more than 4 tons of material including irrigation tubing, gardening equipment and a muffler that may have been used on a generator a bizarre end to 2012 at mineta san jose international airport. a man hopped the fence and ran across the tarmac at 8 p.m. last night. he made it across two runways and was heading for a terminal before police caught him. it's unclear exactly what his intent was. but police say he suffers from a mental illness. san jose mayor chuck reed followed a new year's day tradition. he visited police officers and firefighters working on the holiday. the mayor started by attending an early-morning police patrol briefing. then went to an emergency dispatching center. this morning, the mayor was asked whether recent disputes over pension reform are still a source of tension. >> i represent the people and the people are appreciative of the hard work of the men and women of our san jose police department.
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we may have political disputes, ballot measures, things like that. but nevertheless, they deserve respect for the work they do, the difficult jobs that they have, and i'm here to thank them on behalf of the people of san jose and wish them a happy new year. >> later, the mayor was joined by city council members at a half dozen fire stations. contra costa county is operating with four fewer fire stations at this noon hour. contra costa supervisors investigated unanimously last month to close the stations in clayton, lafayette, martinez and walnut creek. it's expected to save $8 million a year. on january 10, fire officials will meet with martinez residents to talk about the station closure in their city. byob! we're not talking about alcohol. it's the latest bay area region to tell shoppers to bring your own bag. >> plus, it's a new year's tradition. the big rose parade down south. the floats with bay area ties that wowed the crowds today coming up. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the skies clearing out now.
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we are getting ready for a frigid night. just how cold those temperatures will get coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new state laws go into effe. now, drivers in california n now text and email while drg if they use a voice- operat system. ict banks from a number of new state laws go into effect on new year's day so drivers can text and email while driving if they use a voice operated system. other laws restrict banks from pursuing dual track foreclosures and there are several measures designed to ensure the safety of natural gas pipeline. but there is one hotly contested measure that's still on hold. it's a ban on gay conversion therapy that won't go into effect because of a federal appeals court. it has issued a stay. in san francisco, the minimum wage is going up to $10.55 an
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hour. that's the highest in the nation. and in alameda county a reusable bag rule kicks in so businesses within the county will stop distributing single use bags to customers. in monterey the fee for a bag increases from 10 to 25 cents for paper. there's a lot of people getting married in maryland this new year's day. that's because same-sex couples can now legally wed in that state. city halls in baltimore and other cities in the state were open at midnight for those who did not want to wait any longer. maryland is the ninth u.s. state where same-sex marriage is legal. the chilly temperature in california didn't keep people away from a new year's tradition. more than half million spectators lined the streets in pasadena to watch the 124th tournament of roses parade featuring 43 floats, bands and equestrian groups. among those bands was valley
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christian high school from san jose. congrats to them. where there's a rose parade there's always a rose bowl a little football. in less than two hours stanford will take on wisconsin in the granddaddy of them all for bowl games. it will be the cardinal's first rose bowl appearance since 2000, 13 years back. the last time stanford won the game, 1972. but today they are a 6.5-point favorite. they got into the rose bowl by beating ucla for the pac-12 championship. wisconsin beat nebraska. i think stanford might win. they are good. >> kind of know what you're going to be doing this afternoon. >> i think about 2:00 i might be watching a little football. >> kind of making fun of them for how cold it was. it was chilly this morning. you and i both ucla grads. how many times have we gone to the rose parade? zero! [ laughter ] >> but like to see it on tv every once in a while. but we have cold weather around the bay area as those skies clearing out very nicely outside. let's get you out there right now and check it out. indeed, looking good toward
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mount diablo just a couple of leftover clouds over the mountaintops. otherwise it is clearing out required now. high pressure is building in. we are in for a cold night around the bay area. talking about freezing temperatures into the 20s in some of the valleys. it's a "spare the air" day. it's going to be dry until the weekend. freezing temperatures in the north bay valleys and mountains. some of those temperatures in the mid-20s in the coldest spots so yeah, be careful. it's going to be freezing. high pressure building in for the next couple of days will send the storm track north. so we'll keep things dry for now. a few models showing you a nice afternoon. mostly clear skies around the bay area. but you have that very dry air developing and that's why the temperatures are going to drop off tonight and early tomorrow morning maybe even frost showing up right inside the bay. so a cold night tonight around the bay area. not a bad day today. you will see upper 40s some mid-
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50s in the warmest spots but these lows going to be something else. down to about 26 in santa rosa. 28 in napa and about 29 degrees in concord. you get the idea. a cold night around the bay area. next few days though staying nice and dry just a couple of passing clouds through the middle of the week and then over the weekend maybe some changes. slight chance of showers late saturday night into sunday but tonight, going to be a frigid one. bundle up! >> don't burn wood. they'll get ya! >> full of information today. >> thank you. >> by the way, perfect one for one. one day, no rain. >> i'm quitting now. i'm perfect. >> quit while you're ahead. all right. coming up, did you party too hard last night? we are going to tell you about the super veggie that can help you get over that dreaded hangover. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sales tax increase well, it's going to cost you more to buy things this new year and it all starts today. the sales tax increased by one quarter of 1% all because of prop 30. it increased the sales tax rate to 7.5%, one-cent one cent for every $4 you spend. >> it's going to add up. we spend a lot especially for young kids. i'm only 21 and i spend money like it's nothing. >> well, some local cities have even higher taxes.
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you see them here in the bay area, taxes in el cerrito and union city alone are at 9.5%. it turns out that the health of the economy could actually influence whether a child picks up unhealthy habits. scientists at the state university of new york found children who grow up when unemployment rates are high are more likely to drink, smoke and use marijuana in their teens. researchers want doctors to consider their study when dealing with children born during this most recent recession. and if you partied too hard last night you might want to buy some asparagus. we have sign it is in korea who apparently analyzed the vegetable's chemical compounds and believe that the amino acids and minerals in asparagus can replenish the body to relieve a hangover. the study also found it helps protect the liver from toxins and that includes alcohol. >> lawrence just left. [ laughter ] >> probably to go buy some asparagus. >> just saying.
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ringing in the new year means you have to come up with new resolutions. >> but sticking to those goals attention a little planning. in today's health minute, susan hendricks shows us some tried and true ways to make your resolutions a reality. >> reporter: it's easy to make new year's resolutions. but can you keep them? absolutely if you are smart with your planning and can handle setbacks. the first rule of thumb, be specific. don't just say, i want to lose weight or handle money better, for example. >> those are too general. i think you have to be specific. i want to lose 10 pounds. i want to save $2,000 this year. so the more specific, the more like will you you will meet that goal. >> reporter: second, be realistic about what you can accomplish. it's very hard for people to lose 100 pounds in a year. set out to do what is obtainable. next, you need a plan. if you want to slim down and get fit, slim down and decrease
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portion size. >> things aren't going change because you want them to, they chang because you change behaviors. >> reporter: you need to have short-term goals. >> a year is too long. set a goal for a week, or two weeks at most. then see how you're doing. >> reporter: the best glue to help resolutions stick may be resilience. >> you have to expect a setback and get right back on track. if the goal is progress toward your goal, not perfection... >> reporter: try to make just one or two resolutions a year. are you ready for lunch? this may be more than you bargained for. what's inside this monster 200- pound burger when we come back. ,,,,
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mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll.
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it's time for this week's best buys where we eat fresh, stay healthy and eat some money. asparagus is coming out on the smaller thin side. broil them 2 or 3 minutes, olive oil, salt and pepper, make sure the quality is there. grape tomatoes, so versatile to saute, to put in salads, when you buy them make sure they are that red, very, very red all the way through. $1.99 per pint. that is a great deal. i have seen them up to 4.99.
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so you can save $3 right there. beautiful pink indian river grapefruit from florida. indian river is the area of florida where they're grown. they are coming in with beautiful flavor and great nutritional value. 99 cents each is a great deal. when you buy them, just make sure that they're nice and heavy for their size. so there you go. a few examples of this week's best business. eat fresh, stay healthy and save some money. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. ciao. >> even he had asparagus. from the fresh grosser to probably one of the worst things you can eat. an australian man came one a hangover burger. it came in at 220 pounds. >> you eat that and you die. then you forget about your hangover. >> you can't eat that. it has a standard fixings, meat patties, lettuce and tomato but then the cook added fried eggs, bacon and a whole barbecued
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chicken. no amount of asparagus in the world could help you. >> delicious. >> i go so. got everything else on there. >> all right. that's it for us today. >> i hear the horns. before we go, a look back at the new year's eve celebrations. happy new year! captions by: caption colorado
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>> bill: that's what you've done, caroline. you betrayed me. >> caroline: no, uncle bill, i didn't -- >> bill: don't make it worse by trying to deny it. i specifically told you not to interfere, and you chose to defy me. your uncle, your cousin liam, your family -- you betrayed us all. you're not a spencer. i don't know what you are. >> brooke: so you said caroline and rick were here? >> katie: yeah, they left before bill got home, thank god. >> brooke: and bill's around somewhere? >> katie: i'm sure he's just out taking a walk. i mean, he's really upset with caroline about this whole

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